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9421 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035(323) 325-6373info@lacomputerworld.comM-F 9am-6pm by Appointment Only


Customer Service

Our company can offer you personalized services where you deal with a familiar person each time.

We respond to your calls quickly, and work our best to insure minimum downtime for you and your staff. If you require after hour or weekend support, it can be arranged.


We charge a flat affordable rate of $75 dollars an hour*, unlike the other support firms that charge as much as $150 an hour!

There is no trip charge as long as you are located within a 10-mile radius of our main office.
Our customers are extremely happy and have been dealing with us for years, just read the testimonials to the right.

*Price applies to residential customers and during normal business hours only..

Below is a partial listing of most commonly requested services, but please call to ask about any services you may need.


Wireless Networking

Wireless NetworkingOutfit your PC or Mac for wireless network connectivity with this standard wireless networking service. We will set up and configure your home computer’s wireless network connection with your ISP, connect a wireless router, update router firmware and enable wireless encryption, so you can surf the Web with wireless freedom and peace of mind.

Data Backup (One Time & Recurring)

Data Backup (One Time & Recurring)Transfer your important data to another storage location with this data backup and transfer service for PC. We will transfer up to 15GB of data from your computer to CD, DVD, network-attached storage, an internal or external hard drive or another computer and import it to an installed program or other desired location if applicable.

Diagnostics & Repair

Diagnostics & RepairMake sure your computer is ready for action with this diagnostic and repair service. We will uncover and solve any operating system issues, remove viruses and spyware and optimize your PC for improved performance.


DiagnosticsGet to the bottom of the problems plaguing your computer with this diagnostic service. After testing all of the software and hardware on your computer, we will diagnose and explain any problems facing your PC. We will follow up with an estimate for repair and a professional system analyzer report so you can make an informed decision regarding your next step.

Memory Install

Memory InstallEnhance your PC or Mac experience by adding more memory you your computer. With this service, we will install an internal stick of memory to your laptop or desktop. Hardware not included.

PC Setup

PC SetupTake the hassle out of computer and computer peripheral setup with this PC setup service. We will set up your computer (including your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install 1 software application and 1 external peripheral device, configure your existing Internet configuration and 1 existing e-mail account and test your PC for proper functionality.

Computer Checkup

Computer CheckupMake sure you’re getting the most from your computer with this checkup service. We will make sure everything is in working order and remove any unnecessary programs to improve your PC's performance. We’ll also make sure all updates, software fixes and security enhancements are up to date.  

Computer Optimization

Computer OptimizationEnsure your PC runs smoothly and securely with this PC enhancement and optimization service. We will enhance PC speed and performance, enable basic security features, remove unwanted programs and ensure your PC is functional for everyday use.

Operating System Install

Operating System InstallRunning the latest operating system helps maximize PC performance and security. But installation can take hours. Why not leave it to the experts? We’ll provide a complete, professional installation, along with reinstallation of drivers, software and updates.

Software Install

Software InstallGet that important piece of software up and running on your computer with this software installation service for Mac or PC. We will install and/or repair, configure and update 1 software title and add convenient desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for quick and easy access. Software not included.

Hardware Install

Hardware InstallAdd a computer peripheral to your home PC setup with this hardware install service. We will install an internal or external PC component, such as a graphics card, hard drive, optical drive, MP3 player, printer or scanner, and configure it for added convenience.